Lu Kitchen

LU KITCHEN - We are passionate and enthusiastic individuals who crave human connections. We hold to the highest standard that which is of value, gratitude, and commitment. Our commonality is that we are passionate about vegan and health, and we believe in protecting and preserving the environment and doing our part to make this world a better place.

The strong desire for a happy peaceful life has led us to choose vegan as a way to deliver our message of healthy living, one that is filled with abundant energy and is physically and mentally balanced.

We believe everyone deserves to benefit from what nature has to offer and live a happy healthy fulfilling life.

Benefit of vegan does not end with health. It also helps to nurture the human connection as well as connection between humans and nature. Recognizing the many benefits and values that comes from eating vegan, we are more committed to bring vegan food to our community through many cultural dishes that are simple yet nutritious and most importantly filled with love.

We hope you find happiness and fulfillment in every dish that Lu Kitchen wholeheartedly brings forth. We hope to erase the old concept of vegan being boring, and we hope to inspire you to choose vegan whether as a daily meal or a new way of living that will certainly enhance your level of consciousness, and guide you towards peace, balance, and fulfillment.
But eating vegan is not only good for our health. It can also help prevent many lifestyle illnesses and help to protect and preserve our environment. Our food is delicious, clean, and contains only the freshest ingredients nature has to offer. So good you will not believe you are eating vegan. I am a part-time vegan. If you are wondering how a part-time vegan can open a vegan shop, you are not alone!

The truth is ever since I was a little girl, I would eat vegan with my family on the first day of each month and during the full moon. This tradition has followed me into my adolescent years and then into my adult life. Despite it being habitual, I came to realize that I have a strong affection towards vegan food.

In recent years, with lifestyle illnesses becoming more and more prevalent in society due to unhealthy food consumption and polluting environment, I decided to choose for myself a different way of living, one that is filled more vegan and many hours of meditation.

Lu Kitchen was birthed not only with the desire to inspire others to eat more vegan, but also for myself, to help guide me towards a life that is filled with health and peace of mind.